Our services

Furnishing executive planning

From the production to logistics and on-site installation, from testing to post- sales service.


Design consultancy

La Dolce Villa will assist and lead the customer in a path from renovation to the final layout of the location, advising and finding design solutions that lead to create a harmonious location, pleasant and original, trying to reflect in it the client’s style and personality. From time to time, your ideas will be discussed with the experts who will offer the best solutions for sophisticated and functional implementation. We don’t propose specific products, but simply the best on the market to meet all customer needs.


Project implementation

The design office of La Dolce Villa is composed by highly qualified engineers, architects, designers and experts, who develop the final design of the furniture to be provided and draw up the project’s working drawings, and accurately defining everything in detail. The drawings are then discussed and carefully checked with the client and the interior designer, in order to enable a perfect coordination with the civil works and systems.


Quality control

A strict quality control is a very important part of the project implementation process. Through the careful supervision by our technicians in all the production stages, it leads to check, step by step, all the processing phases in order to obtain an optimal result


Project management

In the furniture world, every location requires a detailed knowledge of it and a specific technological expertise, so that the furniture created for , it fulfils the aesthetic and functional needs. For this reason La Dolce Villa cooperates with expert project managers and with the best specialists, engineers and designers, to direct and manage with dedication and passion, the complexities of each individual project and turn it into a success.



Our logistics department selects the most efficient shipping companies suitable to optimize time and delivery costs and to meet the agreed deadlines with customers. Our transports are made in accordance with the international safety and health rules and they follow the materials’ transport procedures as the ones fot the wood for example, as well as the procedures of protection against moisture or excessive dryness.



Our experienced staff carries out surveys and installation of complex furniture spaces respecting of the workplace, and interacting with the customer in every situation, finding the best solutions, and following all activities necessary to ensure the construction’s completeness

We combine our expertise and ideas, to offer you the best of  Made in Italy design and to realise artistic interiors

La dolce Villa