IDA School
Italian Design Architects

Master course that provides a specialistic formation for Chinese Architects

IDA Is a master course that provides a specialistic formation for Chinese Architects, through a path of formation based on the creation of a deep knowledge of furniture and lighting production. Formation takes place by a travelling to different Italian “Districts of Production” where design and production techniques are most deeply rooted. This Master aims at the transmission of the knowledge related to materials themselves and to the ways of working with them, in order to valorize their quality. We will illustrate the Italian way of creating “Design”, in an industrial, but also handcrafted, way.

Image module

Technical formation of foreign professionist who operate in product design and/or interior design, by providing a in-depth analysis of materials and related processes of manufacturing.

Historical formation, achieved by industrial design lessons and visits to related museums. Knowledge of Italian productive territories and “districts of design”, in order to allow in the future architects to select directly from China Italian manufacturers for their projects.

Direct knowledge of specific Italian manufacturers.

Course contents

Italian companies explain their production methods their products their use of materials and of course their own history