Classical bedrooms

The bedroom: synonymous of elegance

Special classic creations

The classic bedroom
synonymous of elegance

The beauty of a bedroom with an atmosphere of classical furniture, but with revised features and shapes for a very urban classic style ,where elegance is enhanced by precious finishes such as rosewood or leather in the upholstery.

outstanding attention to finishing

Nothing is left to chance, the furniture is finished with an excellent Made in Italy quality manufacturing, soft furnishings to the touch thanks to the excellent quality of the polishing on the smooth surfaces. Perfectly working to enhance the furniture and telling a rich passion story.

The art of living the luxury

a love for elegance

The italian bedroom
Clothing the space with special furniture

The bedroom is taylor made such as as fashion dress, right to give elegant and precious atmospheres.
warm colors matched with golden elements and inserts; a bedroom with an unmistakable and exclusive design which imprints the Made in Italy luxury style.

handcrafted excellence

Leather upholsteries sewn by hand, precious velvets and wood encarved furniture made by skilled Italian cabinet makers, the classic style is firstly the Made in Italy craftsmanship excellence, where every piece is unique, made to be valuable.

The shape of dreams in the bedroom

a fairytale furniture

The unique bedrooms
The luxury Made in Italy

Rooms from a unique and inimitable style; special furnishings with combinations of a rare personality to make the room an exclusive location. Princely rooms that, as in fairy tales happens, they have the luxury as an absolute leading. Everything is handmade thanks to the knowledge of master craftsmen that since generations have handed down the know how art.

the unique bedrooms

Furniture and beds are produced by special polishing processes and thanks to a long manufacturing tradition and the Made in Italy craftsmanship. Awsome finishes which allow softness to the touch thanks to the smooth surfaces, details and carvings made with the most sought essences to make each piece as a unique one.

Artistic craftsmanship

The uniqueness of a hand-made room

Artistic craftsmanship
an old world design

a bedroom with taylor made strictly hand-finished carvings The preciousness of the details is unmistakable, everything is clearly visible in the finishing, in the polishing, and in the whole furniture, which for a great aesthetic value and manufacturing ,it’s unique on its category

a long tradition

By specific demands of an increasingly choosy clientele, we meet the experience of master cabinetmakers and we create therefore these incomparable and unique piece of furniture with a classic design Made in Italy.
Taylor made and personalized furniture with precious finishes and fabrics, is one of the strengths to meet every customer needing.