Classical living rooms

Arredamenti per ambienti classici

A timeless elegance

Unique customized pieces

The ancient villa
classic charm

Old houses with antique details and floors, where space becomes luxury and it breathes the past comforts’ atmosphere; furnishings complement the architecture and thanks to their precious details the former glory is back. This is the ethos of customizable furnishings: wide range of finishes and materials suitable to the living locations

exclusive furniture

Textiles, leather, gold, precious fabrics and decorative trimmings for upholstery, polishing, lacquered and fine finishes for chairs, tables, and sitting rooms: everything is sophisticated and valuable. This is the meaning of the tailored furniture Made in Italy

Artistic craftmanship

the uniqueness of a hand-made room

artistic luxury craftmanship
the antique design

A living room with strictly hand-finished carvings. Very precious details, well visible in the finishes.
A piece of furniture which is unique on its kind, in a great aesthetic rigor.

a long tradition

It’s by the specific requests of an increasingly demanding clientele that, meeting the experience of master cabinetmakers, this unique furniture Made in Italy is born.The taylor made furniture is one of the strengths to meet every customer’s needing.

The art of living the luxury

to clothe the location with special furniture

love for the elegance
Italian interiors

To clothe the location with special furniture giving an elegant and precious atmospheres; grey shades which match with elements and gold inserts to get luxury-oriented design locations, but never exaggerated.

Eccellenza Italiana

Leather padding sewn by hand, precious velvets and carved wood furniture made by skilled Italian cabinet makers: the classic furniture is firstly the craftsmanship excellence where every piece is unique, made to be valuable as the Made in Italy tradition is.

Your unique furniture

the originality of an exclusive furniture

Classic and special creations
an elegant living

The beauty of a furniture collection for a living room with a classic style but with a street style trait too, where elegance is enhanced by precious finishes such as rosewood and velvet upholstered in.

Manufacturing quality

Nothing is left to chance, the furniture is finished with an excellent typical Made in Italy quaity, the furnishings are smooth to the touch thanks to the polishing accuracy. The workmanship is perfect and it is able to enhance the furniture by telling a story full of passion, as its Made in Italy tradition.

The tradition of Italian craftsmanship

a one of a kind style

Precious deco style
inimitable style

In a beautiful color gradation, an eccentric style collection does not despise the red hue to blend in a classic original location. The fabrik colors enhance the refined composition of classical furnishings in an ancient home room.

the colour of the luxury style

Luxury furnishing styles are made with refined fabriks and materials accurately worked by expert cabinetmakers since the first stages of processing. Each piece is unique, made to be valuable as in the Made in Italy tradition.

the true luxury Made in Italy

princely rooms

La forma dei sogni
a fairytale furniture

Unique result combinations of unmistakable personality to make each location precious and unique.
Princely mansions that, as in fairy tales, they have the luxury as protagonist; everything is handmade thanks to master craftsmen’s knowledge whom, for generations, have handed down the art of know-how.

craftsmanship tradition

Furniture made with special polishing processes and thanks to a long manufacturing and craftsmanship tradition. Excellent finishings that give softness to the touch thanks to the perfect surface, details and carvings made of the most sought essences they make each location a unique and exclusive Made in Italy one.