Contemporary bedrooms

Wood: the protagonist

A contemporary style that looks to the past

An eternal bedroom
The warmth of wood

Timeless furniture that, thanks to the use of wood, they give warmth and vintage atmospheres to the spaces. New furniture models that look to the past and to the big furniture handcrafted Italian tradition.

An eternal bedroom

Quality wood and finishign used with fine tailoring are the result of a craft -cabinetry which makes each piece unique, made with the wisdom and know-how innovation

Metropolitan chic style

The elegance character

town’s bedroom
A collection to live

Functional and precious locations, furnishings with contemporary charm, with high quality materials and with simple colors, they remember a warm contemporary time and an extremely refinement which suits to the city style.

The solid wood worked by the hands of master craftsmen

At the base of the collections there is the passion and the knowledge of the workers. From their hands every single furniture comes out, and turns into a distinctive feature of an inimitable style, the one of the italian elegance, which makes the quality its strongest point.

The contemporary lives here!

refined domestic locations

Camere da letto d'autore
Italian interiors

A bedroom with a great quality life must be marked by poetry, by heat and light, by emotions, and not just functions. A location designed with elements that release memories, emotions, style and sophistication.

Apparent contrasts

Decorative elements of the past, works of contemporary art and design, come together in a particular eclecticism to give amazing colored harmonies in a timeless space; a valuable aesthetic in which every detail is important.

Urban domestic

trendy interior

The bedroom’s hidden soul
An original style

Elegance and preciousness in the beds covered in pure wool, with leather inserts where ebony wood stands out the headboard’s captivating shape. stable cabinets, adjustable and equipped closet cabins

Natural preciousness

Innovative materials and inspired by nature, antique oak, antique leather but also a wide range of laquered finishes to make your project flexible.