Contemporary living rooms

Contemporary locations

Contemporary eclectic

The color’s shape

An eclectic living room
The color’s game

Furnishings to create odd locations. Always colorful and with particular shapes that stand the rooms, with flexible and simple lines. Sometimes with an ironic character, sometimes with an ecologist one, an intense love for wood.

Lacquered woods, velvets, metals

Furnishing elements looking like sculptural decorations, with lacquered fine finishes to give rise to a new furniture language looks 70’s but does not despise the contemporaneity.

Urban domestic

trendy interior

The living room’s hidden soul
An original aesthetic

The materials together to the shapes are the basic elements of the project, between tradition and innovation they are used to amplify the relationship with the person.

Natural preciousness

Innovative materials inspired by nature, cement, furniture with sophisticated soul for intriguing spaces which give metropolitan atmospheres.

Metropolitan chic style

the elegance character

A city living room
A collection to live

Functional and precious locations, furnishings with contemporary charm, with high quality materials and simple colors to evoke a warm contemporary and extremely refined style which suits to the city life.

The solid wood refined by the hands of master craftsmen

At the base of the collections there is the passion and expertise of workers working since years. From their hands comes out every single furniture piece, which turns into a distinctive feature of an inimitable style, the Italian elegance that makes the absolute quality its strongest point.

The contemporary lives here

refined domestic locations

Artistic living rooms
The italian living

The house with an ideal quality of life must be marked by the art of poetry, literature, by emotions and not just functions. Locations designed with contrasted elements, regular, irregular, bold, soft, revival, to distinguish the spaces with liveliness of expression.

Apparent contrasts

Ancient decorative elements,contemporary and design masterpieces come together in a particular eclecticism to give extraordinary colored harmonies in a timeless space in which every detail is important.

The wood as protagonist

Timeless furnitures

An eternal living room
The warmth of wood

Timeless furniture that, thanks to the use of wood, it gives to the spaces warm and vintage atmospheres
New furniture models that look to the past and to the big furniture handcrafted Italian tradition.

Contemporary style that looks to the past

Quality wood and finishes used with fine tailoring are the result of a craft cabinetry that makes each piece unique, made by craftsmen hands with the wisdom and the know – how innovation

Doors to furnish

The location becomes a place when there is a gap which marks its boundaries

Living rooms with invisible doors
creative and versatile

A port is a concept before being a shape.
The character of a living room can be influenced by the choice of a door, there are flush wall doors that allow maximum versatility and customization, these may in fact be adapted to any height, width and finish.

Hinged doors

The flush wall doors are doors that guarantee a perfectly flush with the wall thanks to a completely hidden aluminum structure.
To these surfaces of different finishes can be applied: metal, stone surfaces, wallpaper, modular panels, wood.